The vision

The goal of Andy Okay is to create art that makes a difference.  Real difference, not just ”checking the box”. We devote our time to creating art that combines sustainability on all levels with beautiful fine art prints.

After two decades in the design industry, working with everything from small, independent brands to large companies, we just had enough. We had to try to do something about all these images that is being designed without any important message attached to them.

The idea is make eye catching artwork – the ones that we want to see, share, buy and hang on our walls – not only beautiful, but important for real.

That is why we have taken the opportunity to use the art as a vehicle to raise awareness about our planet, and help all the threatened species we share it with. Every artwork made shares a story. We hope our art not only brings a smile to the viewers face, but also makes you feel good about being part of doing good.

Andy Okay Vision

Our method

We are there for people who love art, and the planet. But this is not a traditional gallery. We create all our art ourselves. We are here for people who not just wants to decorate their walls, but to invest in art that truly makes a positive impact for our planet. We do this by planting one new trees for every artwork we sell. We call this ”one for one”. And what that means is that we don’t just want to bring beautiful art to your home, we want to use it as a vehicle for change. 

"I believe in taking every opportunity to make a positive impact. I want to be an active force on the planet." – Andy

These trees planted helps recreate healthy forest systems that will preserve wildlife habitat and endangered species. An impact that does not simply end once the trees have been planted. These trees will benefit the earth for centuries to come.

Andy Okay was founded on a love of art and a desire to make a positive impact on our planet. 


For our "One for One" We have partnered with not-for-profits across the planet to ensure we leave a truly global footprint, and we are now in a proud collaboration with Give Back to Nature. Give Back to Nature‘s goal is to help plant One Million Trees in developing countries, thus rebuilding the natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation. By contributing to this project, we will help give back in many exciting ways. Learn more about Give Back To Nature´s work here.

Quality that makes the difference

We know that quality makes the difference. And our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the art and the message. In fact, it is printed (pun intended) into everything we do. Every item available for purchase is made using top quality, sustainable materials and work conditions. This means that the paper is produced from trees harvested from responsible forestry that cares for people and the environment. So you can feel good about how the product is made, and what it is made with!

"I want people to enjoy their art knowing they are a part of reducing our impact on the planet rather than contribute to it." – Andy

Environmental work that makes a difference

The environment is important to us here at Andy Okay. All our posters are printed on paper bearing the FSC environmental label for responsible forestry and the EU Ecolabel. Our printing facilities are 100% climate-neutral and all production of posters for bears the Svanen environmental label. All our unique packaging is FSC MIX certified and may only contain a mixture of recycled materials and/or materials from controlled sources (Controlled Wood). You can read more about our Environmental Policy here.

Our mission is not only bring a smile to your face and create a good feeling with our art, but also to make you a part of a positive change to our planet!