"To make exclusive art affordable for everyone, and at the same time benefit deserving charities everywhere."

Yes. It really is that easy. We want to offer art with a dual purpose. To use the power of art to raise awareness and make a positive impact on our planet. 

Every artwork made tells an important story about an issue our planet is facing.

Endangered and threatened fauna facing climate change, plastic pollution, and poaching are just some of the subjects featured in our colorful art.

Our purpose is to only offer art that has true meaning. Art that makes a positive impact on our planet.

 The Product. 

We’re not only here to offer beautiful art. We want to be an active force on the planet, and create change. Real change.

By making exclusive art affordable for everyone, and letting the profits from it go to charities everywhere, we really are making a positive impact. 

You get amazing art with true meaning, and you’re making the world a better place. Talk about a win win.

 The Andy. 

Hi, I’m Andy. The founder. A former award-winning art director and education in graphic design, working with everything from small independent brands to some of the worlds largest companies.

My unique approach to combine art and important storytelling with aesthetically pleasing imagery has given me wonderful opportunities to work with organizations such as WWF, PETA, Give Back To Nature, Ideas Powered, United Nations and World Creativity Day.

My art has been featured by BuzzFeed, My Modern Met, Huffington Post, Metro, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Fubiz, Bored Panda, and many others.

I've also been in prestigious galleries all around the world, from London to Paris to New York.

Right now you can find my art represented in exclusive HNWgallery in Florida, right next to iconic artist like Warhol, Lichtenstein, Basquiat and Banksy.