My commitment to sustainability extends beyond the art and the message. In fact, it is printed (pun intended) into everything I do. That’s why I not only make every item using top quality, sustainable materials and work conditions, I also only release one artwork at the time.

Many have asked me why I do this. Indeed it would be simpler to sell everything at once. Definitely more profitable.

I truly believe that having one release at the time really makes the viewer really take in its story. Every art release becomes like a big event, and every event equally important as the previous one.

Art should be engaging. Art should excite. Art should not be mass-produced.

Image of Andy Okay quote saying "Be the change you want to see in the world"

There is just something really beautiful about the unique personality of each release. Spending weeks preparing an artwork, getting it released, watching and engaging in the response and THEN start all over again. It’s wonderful.

And I want you to own a piece of something that is this special.

That's why each piece is only produced 50 times. You, with 49 others are the sole owners of that meaningful and unique artwork. You will be in possession of something really special. For me, and for you. I just love that.

Knowing you own something that is mass produced will for certain influence the way you experience it, it subtracts from everything art is about. And shipping thousands of prints all over the world is not something I can stand for, no matter how many trees I plant as compensation.

So I found a middle ground.

Image of Andy Okay quote saying "Fighting For A Happily Ever After."

I've also chosen not to number each artwork "1" through "50", but instead use a unique serial number. The reason for this is that I want every piece to have the exact same value. It shouldn't matter if you're the first or last to get it. 

This way you can feel good about how the product is made, and how special and unique it is. I want you to enjoy your art knowing you are a part of reducing our impact on the planet rather than contribute to it. And I hope you feel the same way.