Knowing that everyone can't always afford "real art", we work with a selected group of artists to offer exclusive "pay what you can"-art drops.

These are super limited releases made specifically available for passionate fans and people that really care about our planet.

And for these exclusive drops, the price for an artwork will be entirely up to you! 
Yes, that's right. On these drops YOU decide what you want to pay for the art. 

This is a whole new revolutionary way of pricing art. And we do it to make the world a better place...   

 50% of profits to charity. 

50% of all profits from what you choose to pay will go directly to provide different charities with the much needed help they deserve. 

Because each artwork is made for a specific cause and has a unique organization attached to it, your purchase will support their struggle in making the world a better place.

And that's why we call it "Karma Pricing". Because how much you choose to give will affect how much you'll contribute to make the world a better place.

Trust us when we say you will definitely never own another piece of art with this much meaning behind it again. These artworks will forever be a part of what you stand for. 

 Limited. Super Limited. 

Of course, we can't offer this in perpetuity. That would devalue the art, and more importantly your emotional connection to the piece. And art should engage. Excite. And that just doesn't happen with mass-produced art.

That's why these artwork is released in super limited editions only. When they're gone, they're gone. This way you can feel good about why the product is made, and how special and rare it is. 

We want you to enjoy your art knowing you are a part of reducing our impact on the planet rather than contribute to it.

And we hope you feel the same way.