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This limited edition release is printed in bright, vivid colors on thick 210 g/m2 archival museum paper. Made by Andy Okay in a collaboration with PETA for a limited edition of 50.

Made to raise awareness about ”Speciesism”, it's a thoughtful floral styled piece, with two animals often looked upon differently illustrated as one.

210 g/m2 archival museum paper.
Exclusive matte finish. 
85+ Year non-fade guarantee.
Limited Edition - Only 50 pieces available.
Worldwide shipping.
Easy return if not 100% satisfied.

Shipping is $5.99.
Free shipping if you pay over $100.
Ships worldwide.
Ships in a protective card board tube.
Frame's not included.
Easy return if not 100% satisfied.

Your order goes into production within 24 hours, and will be packed and shipped out in 1-2 business days. PLEASE NOTE: Shipping can take up to 15 business days, but this is rarely the case, usually it will take 5 to 11 business days.

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Speciesism or specism refers to the differing treatment or moral consideration of individuals based on their species membership. Such discrimination involves treating members of one species as morally more important than members of other species, despite the individuals having similar interests.


Andy Okay

A former award-winning art director with education in communication and graphic design. Andy has practiced the art of sending a message for over 20 years. Through his work, he invite viewers to enjoy the harmonious scenes while also prompting them to see a bigger picture. 

Andy has worked with organizations such as WWF, PETA, Give Back To Nature, Ideas Powered, Adobe, United Nations and World Creativity Day. 

IG: Andy.Okay

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