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Cool Work-From-Home Office Art Ideas

A guide to choosing the right office wall art

Be it a traditional office or your work-from-home space. You need the motivation to work and thrive throughout the day with full efficiency, especially on Mondays.  

Let's decode it further.

What's the first thing you or your potential clients look at when you enter your office? Or in the background of that Zoom-meeting. Yes, your laptop and the excellent presentations are inevitable, but we are talking about the surroundings!

Is it the empty walls? Or the scenery outside your window? Or the small cutleries and decor pieces placed on your work table? 

These are a few spaces wherein you can implement artwork and make it more impressive and motivating. 

Office artwork is one of the best ways to decorate the house without eliminating the professional vibe of the space. When you choose the suitable office paintings, you can quickly transform a regular white-walled space into a beautiful workplace that reflects your inner creativity and drive to work on your business, of course resulting in a better impression on your potential clients!

However, choosing wall decor for an office isn't as easy as choosing ones for your home. You need to maintain a specific vibe of the area while enhancing its beauty. 

Thus, to help you with it, here's my quick guide that takes less than 10 minutes to explain how you can choose the best wall art for your office space and enjoy your working hours with maximum efficiency. 

Match with your personality

Like I already said, your wall art, decor pieces, and other assets are the first things your potential client will look at after they enter your office. Thus, it is imperative to dive into your creativity channels and examine the right type of artwork that resonates with your personality. 

Apart from your own personality, which is crucial, you also need to match the vibe of the entire business since, as an employee, you are representing your organisation and wouldn't want a mismatch at it. 

You can choose an artwork that communicates your company values to potential clients.

If you cannot find the right wall art that represents your company or your personality, minimalistic yet not too loud wall art ideas like Stranded can be just the right way to go. 

 Link to the Fine Art Print "Stranded" by Fran Rodríguez for Andy okay Art for Causes

Use art as a motivation tool

Suppose you are the business leader, HR, or even the lone business owner, it is your responsibility to guide and motivate everyone in the room to keep going even during all-nighters while completing a crucial project. 

But traditional office spaces can look monotonous and boring. Thus, choose stand-out pieces that offers a window to the bright and sunny tropical valleys or the waves like the Moonlight Night. Let everyone enjoy a fresh vacation even while being at work. This can prove to be highly refreshing and positive during the tough days at work, resulting in a great productivity boost. 

Link to the Fine Art Print “Moonlight Night" by Egzon Muliqi for Andy okay's Art for Causes

Colors that fit

Apart from the vibe of the office wall art, you also need to choose the right set of colors for your office workplace. If your office workspace has white walls, you can go with bright and bold colors to add a splash of colors in the dull environment without getting too overboard. It is important to note that if you choose bright and bold colors, ensure not to go overboard with them. You can preferably set up one large painting covering the entire wall.

Similarly, if your walls are in pastels and you want to create a calm atmosphere, shades of serene blues and purples fit the puzzle right. 

You need to surround yourself with the colors that keep you energized yet calm throughout the day.  

Abstracts are the perfect escape

Suppose you are already working hard on this complicated corporate project, and life is getting too dull by only thinking and looking at it. This is when abstracts can do the magic!

Simply choosing wall arts can definitely enhance your workplace and improve the vibe. 

However, selecting abstracts as your modern office wall decor like the Reverie or See Further can help you shift your thoughts and freshen up. 

ink to the Fine Art Print “Reverie” by Geoglycer for Andy okay’s Art for Causes

Link to the Fine Art Print “See Further” by Tom Fabia for Andy okay’s Art for Causes
Such abstract images encourage viewers to imagine and think. A mere 5 minute trip to the imagination world during the breaks does not harm anyone, right? Instead, it helps you focus better at work. 

Also, this can be an excellent addition for your guests waiting for the meeting to start. They can simply gaze and imagine the wall arts while waiting for the meetings to start instead of merely getting bored and noting the delays, which can be a determining factor in sealing the deal with them. 

Additional rules of thumb for setting office wall art

Even though I have listed most things you should consider while choosing office wall art, here is a short list of the additional rules of thumb you should maintain while setting up your office with wall art. Use these pointers as your checklist for the upcoming office transformation, and I bet you will love the results.

  • Do not overdo it. Adding just a few or one big key wall art piece can do a fantastic job of improving the overall ambiance of the space.
  • Ensure that the lighting you use in your workplace suits your artwork. You don't want your wall art to emit a blinding flash due to the excessive white lights in your workplace. Thus, while choosing the wall arts for your office, ensure to consider the lighting of your workplace too. 
  • Choose quality frames and artworks from the best sources. When you choose low-quality or shabby-looking portraits for your workplace, you instantly bring a terrible impression to youtube guests.
  • Get quality feedback from people you trust into determining whether it is the right purchase for your workplace or not. 

Parting Thoughts

Choosing the right wall art is simple. The key is to be pragmatic and straightforward without including too many flashes of colors together. While setting up your office artwork, just ensure to meet your company's professional standards. This way, you can adorn your space well without making potential clients focusing on the wrong things.  


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With love,