We exist to help nonprofits do their world-changing work. Andy okay raises money to important causes by offering incredible limited edition art for a price YOU decide. What you give for your art will benefit an important organisation.

  • You buy an artwork

    Find the art you love and pay what you want for it. Every artwork on the site benefits an important organization.  

  • We send money

    The more you spend, the more we send. What you choose to give will support a nonprofit do their world-changing work.

  • Together for better

    With the artists, we choose which projects to support, making sure the donations ends up in the right hands. 

Our Mission

We want to use the power of art to create change. Real change. As environmentalists and artists our mission is to guide you on your journey and empower you to do your best when it comes to the environment. You don't have to be a hardcore environmentalist to make a difference. It's the little things, like riding your bike to work, bringing your own grocery bag, and buying an item that gives profits to charity - they all add up. Especially when thousands of other people start doing them too.

We work with charitable organizations all across the world and help them raise money with the power of art.