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How to Build the Perfect Gallery Art Wall at Home

Do you love collecting artwork from different countries and unique artists?

Why not build an art gallery right at your own house?

An art wall is perfect if you love art and want to add some warmth, charm, and personality to your house with the least effort.

However, setting up a complete art wall may seem highly overwhelming. Starting from sizing to pairing and choosing the right pieces that compliment the entire vibe demands a lot of time and effort.

A really creative art wall

But, in the end, you get to gaze at the beauty that you have just created, and all of it will indeed seem worth it. 

While I cannot build your art gallery from here, being an artist, I can give you some valuable suggestions that can help in simplifying the entire process of building an amazing art wall in no time!

Art galleries are meant to be personal. You add your own set of pieces which gives you inspiration, relaxation, and a plethora of other feelings when you look at it. These suggestions can act as guidelines or the building blocks to making your dream of building an art wall into reality.

Hence, you don’t really wanna miss it. Let’s get started already!

Create a theme

Assuming that you already have some stunning artwork that you want to put up on your art wall, let’s start with creating a theme for you.

Even though there is no strict rule here, you should always try to align your artworks and follow a common theme throughout a single wall.

A earth toned art wall

Pick out your most favorites and start grouping them with colors or prints. Nevertheless, this doesn’t really imply that you have to stick to a single color. 

For example

If you want to create a dark abstract art wall, you can try out different hues of black and white and pair them up together to create an overall black theme.

A contemporary art wall in a dark theme

Don’t forget to look out for your home decor too. Ensure to create an art wall theme that suits the furniture and other decor pieces in the room.


Explore with multiple frames

You can always stick to a consistent frame structure for every artwork in your art gallery, but that may look dull and boring over time.

To make things quirky, explore with the frame structures. Don’t be afraid of mixing up some squares with some landscape art or even ovals. 

Again, you can also play with multiple frame finishes and styles to match the overall vibe of your wall.

A kitch art wall with different frames

Here’s my recommendation for you:

A wood(birch or walnut), a metal(brass or silver), and any neutral(white and black) wil together look stunning if you can rightly place it on your wall.

Pro tip! Ensure to keep at least 2-3 similar framed pieces within the same wall to keep things balanced.


Figure out the right layout

Again, there is never a rule of thumb for every wall art layout. Nonetheless, I have quite a few suggestions for you here.  

  • Start by placing your largest pieces of art first. You can then proceed to add the smaller ones around it to fill in any awkward gaps.
  • Mix horizontal and vertical pieces unless you are following a symmetrical grid for your art gallery wall. 
  • Explore with frames, textures, and styles but follow a similar color pattern instead do randomly clustering it. Keep a consistent spacing, and if you have identical frame sizes, you can pair them up together to create a mini triptych or grid within your artwork wall.

Final Words

Like I said, your art wall is entirely your personal space. For a truly dynamic art wall, try mixing multiple styles, textures, and patterns while keeping the color palettes intact. This will bring more wall depth and life to the entire room. Every piece will shine, and you will find a fantastic art wall real soon.

A super creative and inspiration art wall

To add more to your collection, check out my website and you can find some stunning pieces to adorn your art wall. With every artwork, you can contribute to a good cause since I donate all of my profits here to different charitable organizations for multiple causes.

Till then,

Unleash your creativity from within and kickstart building your art gallery today!