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How to Choose The Right Wall Art for Your Home

One of the most common notions that every designer usually gets is, "How do I choose the right artwork for my home?"

The struggle is pretty real.

With so many breathtaking options to choose from, galleries or art stores might look slightly overwhelming when you finally build your home sweet home!

Every creative wall art in your home defines your personality, style, taste, and your love for art as the homeowner. 

As a matter of fact, choosing wall art for your home is much more intuitive than most people think if you follow certain aspects.

Thus, to save you from all that hassle, I have finally decoded the best wall art choices for your home today. Let's get going!


As most people tend to leave their kitchen while decorating their home with artwork, let’s take things differently today and start right from your kitchen! 

It is very often referred to as the "heart of the home" and a prime location of the house.

If you tend to spend a decent amount of time of your day in your kitchen, I don't see any reason at all for not adding artwork in your kitchen!  

If you are confused about the right placement area, countertops or the spaces above kitchen cabinets are some excellent choices for your wall art. 

Needless to say, we start our day making our breakfast and a warm coffee/tea right from the kitchen! 

So, wall art such as Floral Dreams is perfect for brightening up your mornings with some gorgeous flowers and a serene day to look up to!

Artwork in kitchen by Visual Potions sold on Andy okay Supporting WWF(Get it here)

Also, perfect for your cranky Monday mornings too!! 


Your bedroom is the ultimate retreat, a supreme place to crash after a tiresome day, and a space for relaxation! The best placement you can choose for your bedroom wall art paintings is over the bed or on the wall opposite your bed. 

The primary aim is to focus on a placement that is suitable for a straight eye level. 

For your bedroom wall art prints, nothing beats soothing color and themes of landscapes or other photographs that are not too loud. 

Let there be light is a fantastic example you can consider here, which is not too loud but has the perfect hues to soothe your senses during the night!

Artwork by Herri Susanto for Greenpeace available on Andy okay(Get it here)

Home office

Most of us work from home, and nothing beats a good wall art on your home office to keep you uplifted and motivated to get through the day!

Here you can go all the way out and add multiple wall art pieces to adorn your room. 

But why multiple pieces?

Well, why not!

Most of us go through a myriad of moods during our entire day at work. Sometimes we are happy for that appraisal, whereas sometimes, we are burdened with perpetual work. 

Hence, multiple wall arts will suit every mood perfectly. 

Look out for interactive wall arts, which will inspire you but be very minimalistic. You don't really want to go overboard with your home office, after all!

The See Further could be a great addition to your work home, which will motivate you to grind harder. Likewise, if you have some favorite artists who inspire you, place them right on your home office wall, and you are sorted!


Another very common room we tend to ignore when it comes to decorating with creative wall art is our bathrooms!

However, most bathroom walls look best with painting pairs stacked side by side. A single wall art might look good, but certainly not the best.

If you have a master bathroom, preferably look out for some serene and calming wall arts like the Displaced or Mountain Waves. Choose larger frames, preferably for wall arts in your bathroom.

Similarly, if you have a powder room on the main level, stick to abstract fun pieces like the Roar or the Astro, which will be the center of attraction!

Living Room

The living room is apparently the first room your guests will see when they enter. Hence, the pressure of choosing the right wall art for your living room is real! 

Your living room wall art should be interactive and perfectly matches the vibe of the entire space.

Look out for unique pieces that stand out and opt for bigger sizes as per the space available to complement best!

The Saturn Woman is not just out there but has the perfect tones that can easily complement most interiors. 
Image showing the Artwork Saturn Woman by Roger Mattos for Andy okay
(Get it here)

Similarly, you can choose different landscapes as well.

Lastly, anything that reflects you works best for your living room!


Final Thoughts

The perfect wall art can make a massive difference to your home. It sets the right vibe and tone for your personal space, reinforcing every surreal feeling or emotion you want to evoke from within while communicating your style!

In addition to that, your home will get a suitable definition, dimension, and depth with a pop of colors and textures!

Always keep your wall art cohesive, fun and let your personality shine through it.

Remember. If you don't love it from within, that painting doesn't deserve that spot in your home!