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Global Goals

All around the world, people are waking up to the deepening crisis of nature loss. A growing realization that nature is our life-support system. And that nobody will be spared from the impacts of its loss. 

 Here at WWF, we are working to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and wildlife.  

 Working alongside many others, we are encouraging people to support a new and positive direction for our world – one where both people and nature thrive. 

 And we are calling on world leaders to commit to a New Deal for Nature and People as comprehensive as the global climate deal – halting nature loss and putting it on the path to recovery by 2030, as well as supporting global action on climate change and sustainable development, through three science-based targets:

Global Goals

  • Zero loss of natural habitats

    WWF is working for 30 percent of all land, seas, and freshwater to become protected areas or community conserved areas – with a further 20 percent managed sustainably. We also aim to restore 350 million hectares of forest and our most valued rivers.

  • Zero extinction of species

    We are striving to halt species extinction caused by human activity, with wildlife populations stable or increasing. To achieve this, we need to end illegal over-exploitation and trade, sustainably use legally taken wildlife and wildlife products, reduce conflicts between people and wildlife, minimize incidental capture, and reduce the threat to wildlife caused by invasive species.

  • Halve footprint of consumption and production.

    We need action on many fronts, including 50 per cent of agriculture and aquaculture production to be sustainably managed, and a doubling in sustainably managed fisheries. Food loss and waste must be halved, pollution stopped, and the global footprint of our diets halved. We also need to see a halving of greenhouse gas emissions from 2010 levels.

Working together, for better.