Alone In Silence

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This is ”Alone in Silence” by Herri Susanto.
An exclusive limited edition release of only 50 pieces made available to raise donations for the non-profit organization Plastic Bank. 

Give to charity by purchasing art!
The artworks in Art for Causes is worth up to $795, but you only pay what you can. Everything extra you can give for your artwork will benefit an important cause. This will be the most meaningful art you'll ever buy.

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Each product comes in two different sizes:
30x40 (12”x16”)
50x70  (20”x 28”)

200 g/m2 archival museum paper.
Exclusive matte finish. 
85+ year non-fade guarantee.
Limited Edition - When it's gone it's gone.

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Your generous support for this artwork will go to Plastic Bank.

Plastic Bank are turning plastic into gold by revolutionizing the world’s recycling systems to create a regenerative, inclusive, and circular plastic economy.

Plastic Bank sets up recycling ecosystems in countries that lack sufficient disposal infrastructure and have high rates of pollution and poverty.

Residents in those regions can collect plastic from their environment and bring it to their local Plastic Bank in exchange for money, fresh food and clean water.

Collected material is reborn as Social Plastic® which is reintegrated into products and packaging. This creates a closed-loop supply chain while helping those who collect it.

Visit their site and read more about Plastic Bank by clicking here.

I'm Herri, a freelance designer from Bali Indonesia, a father who love making art with Photoshop.

Feel free to check out my:


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Limited Editions

As you’ve already figured out, we're all about it. And there are two main reasons for this.

First, you will own a piece that is really rare and not mass produced. We love that. Also, the limited release allow us do collaborations with artist that usually sell their art for way more without devaluating their art.

Every dollar matters

We’re not only here to offer beautiful art. We want to be an active force on the planet, and create change. Real change.

That’s why each artwork is attached to an important cause. And every extra dollar you can give for your art will help an important organization in their mission to make the world a better place!

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