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5 Genius Surreal Art Ideas to Decorate Your New Home

Are you looking for unique and intriguing art for apartment inspiration? It’s 2022, and I cannot help but address the popularity and uniqueness of surreal art. 

Be it a revolution or a massive change eventually conveyed through pages of literature or art. Every era leaves an important page in the world. Surrealism, an important movement dated back to 1917, where artists painted chiseled unnerving and asymmetrical scenes and designs that left the unconscious to finally activate and press.

Art is always free-flowing. There are no boundaries, and surrealism is everything about seeking something beyond the standard horizon.

It is the blend of dream and reality as the distinct tint of the thought-provoking and imaginative lines draw the surreal interpretation. Surrealism is a fluid art that marks some fine and superior reality.

Like a wave, this revolutionary idea never left the shore as it remained grounded and firm. 

Being a chapter too hard to miss, countless households are embracing this art and exploring the textures and palettes like a dream. 

Today, let’s finally explore the beautiful world of surreal artwork for apartments to help you build your perfect fantasy apartment with surreal art. These are just a few tips that will help you choose the right wall art for your apartment and embrace your home decor.


1. Add Creative Creatures

The first way to style your apartment with surreal art is to include wild and wonderful creatures such as the Baby’s in Bloom or Reverie to add a creative flair to your interiors. Apart from these cool apartment art, you can also tweak the decor pieces by adding a chic faux animal head on your new art walls.

Link to the officially licensed Fine Art Print "Baby's in Bloom" by Vertigo Artography at Andy okay

Link to the officially licensed Fine Art Print "Reverie" by Geoglycer at Andy okay

Embrace the Illusions

When it comes to surreal art, illusions are your best friend. This is where surreal art can be a major advantage or benefit for house owners who live in smaller rooms. Choosing paintings for apartments that are larger in size with an intricate surrealist illusion can instantly build an impression of a larger space as it reshapes the walls and builds an interesting look.

There are plenty of surreal art choices to add illusions to your home, such as HomeComing or Enough Space.

Link to the officially licensed Fine Art Print "Homecoming" by Morgan Whitney at Andy okay

Link to the officially licensed Fine Art Print "Enough Space" by Oleg at Andy okay

The key here is to choose larger frames and the wall colors neutral. Ensure that the surreal artwork you choose complements the atmosphere well.


3. Let the Peculiarity Stand Out

Surrealism can appear more than just random prints on your wall. Since surrealism is fluid, you can find it in different shapes, figures, forms, and wonky details like in It Came Creeping or Ten Million Angels.

Link to the officially licensed Fine Art Print “It Came Creeping" by Nate Hill at Andy okay

Link to the officially licensed Fine Art Print “Ten “Million Angels" by Niko Christian at Andy okay

If you have a knack for the uniqueness of surreal art, it's time you include the peculiarity in your home and let your guests stare at the beauty for hours. 

One thing to consider here is the type of detail in your art. Make sure that your apartment artwork design does not clash with the colors and designs of your wall, as it can quickly contrast the atmosphere and make the entire decoration haywire. 


4. Play with Perspective

If you are a die-hard surrealist fan, you will know the importance of perspective here. Surrealism being the epitome of expression, can be decorated and styled in the most unorthodox ways, precisely the beauty of this culture!

If you are looking to go all out with surreal artwork for your apartment, it's time you include the most unusual pieces at the most unexpected locations of your apartment and let your guests unravel the beauty!


5. Keep it Minimalist

Sure, surrealism is all about bold artwork that stands out from the rest. However, it is always safer to start small and choose minimalist designs if you are just starting out. Choosing smaller frames of wild artwork can be an incredible strategy to adorn your house with surreal art and get adapted to gorgeous strokes.

This advice is also handy if you are looking to accompany the artwork with decor pieces such as intricate vases, lamps, and other elements that are equally important to build a surreal experience in your home!

Final Thoughts

The beauty of surrealism is non-expectancy. Add decorations in the most unexpected places, such as a huge clock artwork in the bathroom. As I said, there are no fixed rules for surrealism. These are just a few tips and tricks that can help you style your surreal wall art for your apartment and build the apartment of your dreams. 

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For your future read, you can also refer to the surrealism revolution or the Dadaism movement, developed in the early 20th century, to understand the roots and importance of surreal art right from the origin.

Thus, it’s time you finally enter the world of surrealism and explore this culture with the best surreal wall art for your apartment.

Have a beautiful day!