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5 ways to style your home with sci-fi wall art

Home décor is an important element to make a home unique and personal. Every person who loves their home and has a passion for creative things definitely needs to decorate his house in the same style as well.

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But one important thing is that different people have different taste regarding their interior design.

Some people are classy and like to make their house and the interior look, including wall art, classy and minimalistic. Other people are fond of modern things and follow the latest trends, and that’s why they prefer to maintain and decorate their house with more modern art prints.

And although these are obviously beautiful decoration choices, few things are as inspiring as the genre we are here to talk about today. Science Fiction Art. People who has a genuine passion for space and fiction need to style their home with matching wall art that serves them everyday inspiration and subliminal pleasure. 

These people need to create their own space worlds by using mind-bending and though-provoking sci-fi wall art. Psst! We have a whole category for it right here if you want to check it out. 

Though there is various type of decorative genres available in the market, there really is something truly special with science fiction inspired affordable wall art. They’re so unique in aesthetics and have the ability to quickly turn your home to your own imaginary world. 

Step into a world where you can embrace flying ships and more than one moon in the sky at the night. Or have your own spacecraft as the last thing you see before falling asleep and dream of exploring new worlds by hanging sci-fi wall art on your bedroom’s wall.

So, dear readers… are you a sci-fi art lover? And are you searching for some ideas as to how beautifully you can décor your home with sci-fi wall art? You’re surfed to the right place!

If you want to get more knowledge about decorating with sci-fi art this article is for you. Here you will get your answers and confusion clear, and after that you can make your own home more true to your passions and definitely more inspiring.

We’re going to list 5 ways to style your home with sci-fi wall art. Sci-fi art is not limited in any ways, it has soooo many styles and themes that can provide you a huge choice for selecting the perfect wall art that suits you most.

Before we start, let's just ge through some statistics. Some of the appreciated sci-fi art themes here on Andy okay right now are:

  • Astronauts
  • Human robots
  • Time travel themes
  • Cyberpunk cities
  • Aliens
  • Futuristic science and technology

These above-given themes could be helpful for deciding your own favorite theme. After selecting your personal passion it should become easier for you deciding which way you should style your home.  

1. Décor your bedroom wall

The people who love futuristic science and technology can get futuristic sci-fi wall art to make their room personal by looking at futuristic science and technology-art. But its more to it! After deciding on a main concept and selecting a sci-fi wall art piece the placement of it also matters  a lot.

So before displaying your wall art, carefully examine your whole house. Select an appropriate place on the wall and then hang the sci-fi art according to the space of the room. As our satisfied customer Bence P did here below, with the amazing “Astronaut in the Forest” by Andro Pang.

Link to the limited edition artwork "Astronaut in the forest" by Andro Pang for Andy okay

2. Make your corridor space way

Here is another interesting idea we are going to share with you that you can utilize to satisfy your thirst for sci-fi art. You can use a space travel theme here for your corridor with sci-fi-wall art.

When you go for buying prints for wall art then you must keep in mind the sci-fi art theme that is space travel for making your corridor attractive and distracting.

This idea of decorating your corridor with space travel sci-fi wall art could really be a marvelous decision. When you display space travel sci-fi wall arts it will give your home the next-level touch that is both inspiring for your mind and good on your eyes. Just look at what our happy customer Elliot C did with “Garden Delights 2” from Nicebleed.

Link to the limited edition artwork “Garden “Delights II by Nicebleed for Andy okay

Whenever you pass through a corridor or lobby like this you get the feeling that you are a part of something bigger that life itself, and believe me, it will seriously take your mindset and mood to the next level.

3. Turn your TV lounge into a spacecraft

By reading the subtitle you might get confused for a second, but there’s no need to worry! We are not proposing some home-made rocket engineering here. What we are talking about is choosing art that beautifully embraces your favourite science fiction shows or movies. 

This is the perfect way of decorating for the people who love and are crazy about sci-fi. Get wall art with engaging science fiction-themes that immediately turns your TV-room into a comfortable spacecraft, and connect your real life environment to your big passion with the pop culture mind-bending realities on the screen. 

We love what Magnus F did here, with “Memento Mori” (and “Garden Delights II”), both from Nicebleed. Thank you for showing us Magnus.

Link to the limited edition artwork “Memento Mori” by Nicebleed for Andy okay

4. The sitting area of your home

Another way of showing your aesthetics to your guests, and of course everyone else in the house, is to make the dining area astonishing and and let your love for science and fiction reveal in your kitchen home décor style.

This is another fantastic way of styling your home with sci-fi wall art. So you can choose the theme “time travel” for making your sitting a place for the most interesting conversations ever had. 

But before you go all in… here’s one important thing you should keep in mind before installing the wall art.

Measure the space that is available on the walls or sitting area and make sure that you can utilize it for your sci-fi wall art pieces. A kitchen often has a little less space to work with, and you really don’t want to end up not having enough space for your new wall art. Pun not intended;)

To show you how wonderful space art actually can fit a kitchen, here’s Fernando M’s contribution. He bought “Sunset Half” by Jati Putra… and just look how it really takes the room to the next level.

Link to the limited edition artwork “Sunset Half” by Jati Putra for Andy okay

Study room

One of the most important part of a lot of homes is the study room. If you have drastically boring surroundings in your study room then your mood will also be heavy affected by it.

But if your study room is beautifully designed, especially according to your personal interests, then learning and studying becomes easier and more enjoyable. Never underestimate the power of decorating your study room walls with sci-fi wall art if you are a true sci-fi art lover. It can really do wonders for your creativity.

Here is Annas beautiful study room decorated with 3 different sci-fi wall art pieces from Andy okay. A personal favourite is the colorful “Stranded” from Fran Rodriguez. Good choice Anna, you’re definitely going places

Link to the limited edition artwork “Stranded” by Fran Rodriguez for Andy okay

Final words:

Sci-fi wall art is one of the most beautiful and advanced art styles that takes you into the space world, and can make you feel both as you true self, but at the same time as an habitant on another world. 

Sci-fi wall art is no doubt inspiringly designed but remember… the interior of your chosen room should also support the advanced theme of the particular wall art. A combination of both things will make your home like a masterpiece.

To get started with your own science fiction wall, check out all available space art we got left in stock right here. But heads up, this is our most popular category, and they sell out fast!

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