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How to make your home truly unique using art

Everybody loves to adorn their home with gorgeous wallpapers and colours. But how to make your home unique and stand out from the rest? 

Well, obviously, you are not competing here with others, but if you still want to make your home unique, you need to implement art in it.

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I believe there is always something about art that brings so many emotions and feelings together within a single room just by a few strokes of colours. An artwork portrays so many stories and hidden meanings, which can be a great form of self-expression when chosen as per your personality.

Hence, if you want to make your home truly unique, nothing better than leveraging the power of art into your home! 

A link to the Unique Wall Art Poster named “Astro Love” by Cameron Burns for PangeaSeed“Astro Love” by Cameron Burns

Today, let's dive deep into how you can make your home truly unique using art. These few tips, along with some of my personal recommendations, can indeed help transform your home into something really unique and different using just art. Let's get started.


Collect really unique art

Did you know collecting art is also art? 

With so many artworks around, most people tend to stick to the regular paintings, which are great, of course, but not unique!

To make your home truly unique, you need to have an eagle's eye when it comes to spotting unique artwork for your home.

A link to the Unique Wall Art Poster named “Rodeo Drive” by Erie Wata for WWF“Rodeo Drive” by Erie Wata

While getting artworks from the most famous artists around the globe can burn a hole in your pocket, you can still get amazing unique art from different sources such as! Call it self-promotion, but you can definitely get some creative and unique pieces from the store which can set your home apart at affordable rates.

Some unique art pieces, as per my recommendation, which can suit every room, include Baby's in Bloom, Homecoming, Snow Fox, and Mother Nature.

Also, did you know you can contribute to a good cause with every purchase? Yes. Every sale goes to charity for different causes. Thus, you can transform your home while transforming millions of lives too!


Explore different sizes

While building an art wall in your room, placement also plays a significant role. Don't just stick to similar sizes of frames which most people follow. You can easily explore with different sizes to make your room look unique. 

You can either pair small frames with the larger frames or even use multiple small frames to create grids along your room walls. The key here is to get frames that have different sizes to get rid of the monotonous vibe.

Either way, ensure to have a uniform colour story that complements each other. 

Also, if you buy artworks of different frame sizes, you can always change the placements of the wall arts to give a new vibe to your room without having to purchase new artworks again! Smart, right?


Add a splash of colour

Even though I just mentioned following a similar colour story while hanging the artworks on the walls, you can also try something different today.

Even though the colour story can be the same, you can still add a splash of colour with different artwork to make it the center of attraction.

Let me simplify it for you.

A link to the Unique Wall Art Poster named “Extrateresstrial” by Jonas Loose for Rainforest Trust
“Extrateresstrial” by Jonas Loose


If you chose pastel shades of artwork for your wall, try adding a bold colour right in the middle, which will help make it unique.

You can also try out artworks with neon or bright shades like the Pink Cloud Rose and Iridescent. 

With this, you have no risk of making your room boring with similar patterns and colours!


Fill out your oft-forgotten spaces

While most people focus on adorning their living rooms, Bedrooms, etc., with artwork, why not think out of the box today? What about the walls around the shelf of the books, the laundry room or the bathroom? Yes. Often forgotten, these spaces also add tremendous value to your home interior and have an unexpectedly significant effect if strategized in the right way.

A link to the Unique Wall Art Poster named “Possible Worlds” by Jessica Conceal for WWF“Possible Worlds” by Jessica Conwell


Start by looking at the blank spaces of your house and look for the colours around it. If you have a wooden bookshelf with brown tones, stick to light brown and beige frames. 

On the contrary, if the surroundings are white, you are free to play with colours and add as you like!

This way, you can make great use of those spaces to brighten up with amazing artworks instead of leaving them out like every other house. 


Match the decor with your art

As I said, you need to observe the colours around the space you want to hang the artwork, which also includes the furniture and decor pieces.

You need to ensure that you choose artworks that are similar to the decor pieces of the room and go along with that.

A link to the Unique Wall Art Poster named “Bloom” by Nicebleed for Pangeaseed
“Bloom” by Nicebleed

Also, even if I said to explore with colours, ensure to keep a safer side since you will obviously be collecting more decor pieces as you take more holidays with your loved ones, right? And you are going to add them to your room too.

Hence, choose a safer colour story and add a splash of colour only in the middle or at specific spaces like I already explained before, and you will be good to go for the forthcoming years!


Add stacks of books to complement the artwork

Did you know that a set of books can also become a unique wall decor for your room? Let's find out.

Even if you do not have a huge collection, you would still have some books lying around at your house, and it's time to make use of them.

We will directly start with an example here.

If you have multiple books(about 5-7 or even more) with shades of blue and black on their outer covering, stack them in a small bookshelf right beside an artwork with similar hues such as the Endless by Andhika. 

A link to the Unique Wall Art Poster named “Endless” by Andhika for Rainforest Trust

You can now see that the book covers match the artwork you added right beside it, and it already looks so unique and enchanting!

This trick is brilliant if you do not want to spend on multiple artworks and still want to make your home colourful and unique!


Curate a gallery wall

A gallery wall is simply a wall that is loaded with multiple artworks. Nothing adds more personality and colour like a gallery wall.

You can start by displaying a collection of artworks, photographs, or other ephemera. Again, play with colours and frames but focus on adoring most of the wall with only artwork.

A link to the "All Art" category at, the best place to get unique wall art for a gallery wall

And whenever you have some guests over, you can witness them spending hours gazing at that one single wall of your room!

Pro tip: Extend your gallery wall right to the ceiling to give an illusion of a larger space.


Final Words

All of these tips are highly helpful when it comes to making your home truly unique using art. The key here is to choose the right pieces that complement the surroundings, play with the placements and colours and don't be afraid of adding bold and neon shades to your room. 

Also, there is no strict rule here when it comes to decorating your room using art. It doesn't have to be always synchronized. Anything even slightly messy can still look like a masterpiece. For example, abstract art! 

You just need to unleash your creative side, find the right balance and get started with adorning every room with art.

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Until next time, stay good/