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The Biggest Wall Art Trends of 2022

Are you looking to upgrade the room decor of your space? 

So, here we are. New year, and new you right? Because styles are indeed evolving, and you might want to think about doing the same. At least for your own personal space. The 2021 wall art trends were a huge hype, but things have to elevate now!

It's the trend of putting up large wall arts which stand out and quickly draw the attention of every visitor you have to your place! 

You will witness how every visitor will gaze at that wall art which acts as the focal point and mesmerize them! The captivating allure of the current wall art trends will indeed suit every style and personality!

Thus, without any further delay, let's jump right to what is looking to becoming the biggest wall art trends of 2022! 

Be it for your living room, foyer, bedroom, or kitchen. You will find your perfect match here and choose the best piece to grace your space! Let's get started. Shall we?

Neon Colors

Neon colors are always meant to stand out and outshine every other decor. Well, we typically don't want that here.

Since neon colors are the current trend and for the very right reason, striking the right balance is important. 

This See Further wall art is an amazing blend of multiple colors while giving those slight neon vibes which will not overpower your other home decor pieces. 

Choose some thought-provoking quotes or statements and suit them to your drawing room or the dining room. 

If you have pastel wall paint throughout your room, such subtle pop colors are perfect for transforming the room's entire vibe without the risk of hurting your eyes.

Floral Heads

Surreal Art has always been trendy for ages. This fashion staple is a way of adding a twist to a traditional piece. 

Here the floral arrangement over the face of any anonymous human(which is obviously left for your interpretation) is both relaxing and hypnotizing.

The addition of flora and fauna elements incorporates the essence of romance, poetry, and so much more. This modern wall art connoisseur comes with a plethora of emotions. Every time you look at it, you reveal something new.

The Floral head wall arts best suit your living room or the kitchen. 
The Eternal Grace is my personal favorite wall art for this. The retro flair and the balance of the right set of colors are what awes me here. :)

Astronaut art

Countless artists are exploring this new form of art rich in unique settings like a spaceman suit of an astronaut. 

Even though it may not sound much comforting, the constant gaze is inevitable once you add an astronaut wall art to your room. 

Each escapade inspires, relaxes, and fills us with millions of emotions.

Astro art has definitely earned a place in the wall art trends 2022 for its uniqueness and story.

Here's my suggestion for you: New Planet and the Homecoming.

Animal wall arts

This wall art trend is evergreen and perfect for hanging in your living room or the bathroom for the unifying love for animals and pets. 

If you like your decor to match up, you can even get some animal printed pillows, rugs, cushions, or carpets to compliment the entire vibe.

Well, there's pretty much no explanation here as to why animal wall arts are my ultimate favorite. 

The expression of art through the merciful faces has my unconditional love! 

If you want to spice things up and don't want to put a regular animal portrait up there, the Roar is an incredible choice you can look out for. This fierce yet enthralling art completely makes me spellbound!In hiding is also a unique piece with a blend of flowers and an animal that can complement your wall really well instead of the regular animal wall arts.

Female Figures

Another marvelous wall art idea for 2022 is the Female Figures. It explains the human body's sovereignty to celebrate the intimate female beauty and empower the powerful female leaders. It appreciates the presence of the females right at our home and so much more.

It is the perfect choice for your living room or bedroom since such artworks are meant to stand out from the rest. Prefer not to pair it up with multiple images since it may look hamper to the true essence of the art.

The Mystic Dreams is a cozy, earthy, and retro-inspired wall art that will look gorgeous in almost every wall color. 

Blue tones

With the pandemic scenario worldwide, all of us miss going to the beaches and having the same quality time with our friends and family!

There's nothing more serene and calming than just sitting at the beach and gazing at the blue water while the waves hit your toes and crash ashore. 

The rhythm of the sea is to die for.

Why not bring it to your room?

There are amazing artists who leverage this majestic color and create stunning wall arts that are perfect for pastel-colored rooms.

The watery blue tones and the ocean hue will bring a very natural and soothing vibe to the entire space, just like the Displaced and the Mountain Waves. Such beautiful wall art added to your bedroom will instantly calm you down during those struggling Monday mornings and Friday nights!

Pair these hues with darker blue or sea green tones, and you'll love the final outcome.

Final Words

So, which 2022 wall art trend will become your favorite?

With styles evolving over the years, there are many new inventions and additions to the art world that deserve a place on your wall. 

While you choose wall art for your space this year, ensure to assess them based on your personality, vibe, and interests. Your wall arts are meant to portray your emotions and feelings, even if it is just limited to you.

My suggestions have been the all-time favorite for most of the customers and should be yours too. 

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Lastly, while adorning your walls with amazing pieces from our best artists, you are contributing to a good cause too. 

With love,