Stories / This Artist Creates The Most Amazing Magical Creatures That Will Light Up Your Day

This Artist Creates The Most Amazing Magical Creatures That Will Light Up Your Day

That feeling when you discover a new artist of exceptional talent and instantly add him/her to your personal favourite list… yes, I certainly know it! And this feeling is one of my biggest missions with Andy okay.

I want to give everyone access to high-quality artworks from top artists from all around the world. Like the one I’m about to introduce you to right now…

Taking inspiration from the wildlife, Jonna Hyttinen, the artist better known as Scandygirl, shows animals how we all should see them. She uses a decorative style and dynamic compositions to create powerful, magical creatures that works as a tribute to nature, wild animals, and endangered species.

Image of Scandygirl's illustration "In the Darkness Wolf" for Andy okay in Art for causesHer original style has gathered over 300 thousand followers on social media, and her unique artworks is highly appreciated from all different kind of art and animal lovers.
Image of Scandygirl's illustration "In the Darkness Bear" for Andy okay in Art for CausesJonna lives in Lapland, Finland, and her workplace is one-room flat in the center of Kemijärvi (a small city in Lapland) She’s always been interested in art and have always drawn on off her entire life. She had a few-years break, but in 2014 when she was going through some rough times she found her old watercolors and started to paint again to get her mind off the things that made her sad at that time. She noticed that painting made her happier than ever before, and she almost painted every day.
Image of Scandygirl's illustrations on Andy okay's Art for Causes-blog
And then, one day, she decided to create an Instagram account for her art. Of course she did not think at that point that it would eventually be her full-time job.

When she graduated from the University of applied sciences (She’s an IT engineer) in 2017, she immediately put up her own business and have been a full-time artist ever since! 

“It’s still hard to believe I actually do art as my job and that finding those old watercolors back in 2014 led me to this point!”

She take her inspiration mostly from the animal and the natural world, recently she’s been super interested in mythical creatures and creatures mentioned in old folklores.
Image of Scandygirl's illustrations on Andy okay's Art for Causes-blogAt the moment, her only hope is that this is something she’d be able to do for many years still, maybe even until she retires. But then again, who really retires from art if it is your passion?

Jonnes previous Limited Edition collaborations has sometimes sold out within hours after their release. If you're lucky enough, you might be able to catch her latest one right here in Art for Causes.

Image of Scandygirl's illustration on Andy okay's Art for Causes-blogTitle: “The Darkness Wolf”
Edition: 100 Museum-Quality Fine Art Prints

Price: Pay what you can. Profits will benefit a nonprofit of your choice.

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